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Our success is due to referrals and continued business from repeat customers. We absolutely love our customers! We're committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers. We're not happy until they're happy.
I have searched a long time for a proper price and situation regarding my old wooden garage door. I found El Camino on Craigslist and the gentleman who came over to do it was efficient and professional and did it for a very good price. When he left, he took my old door which had security alarm sensors and a peep hole on it, which he should have seen. I called to ask him where they went and he said they were already disposed of, which was terrible. I was pleasantly surprised when a day or so later he called to say he went and got them and returned them to my house. He did the work all by himself with a small truck and disposed of all the old stuff. Definitely recommended.
Ron B
These guys are fast! We needed someone to replace our whole garage door and fix the tracks bc it was very broken...we had three quotes from different people on Craigslist. The other guys were quoting us near $1100-1200 to do the work but these guys were way cheaper and we saved over $400 for a new garage door + installation. Not only that but he did a fast quote over the phone by having us text him pictures of our garage door and he texted us back immediately with an appointment. They came by the next day and spent only 1.5 hrs replacing and installing the whole thing! My husband and I were very happy! Thank you so much Khoune!
Nai S